About Us

Washington Way is a magazine and online publication by the people of Washington and for the people of Washington.

From local news to happenings, events, what’s on, lifestyle, food, drinks, features and stories about the people in the area, this is an outlet dedicated to the Tyne and Wear town.

While WashingtonWay.co.uk will be the place for immediate news and events in the area, Washington Way magazine – published six times per year (bi-monthly) is the only mag focussed solely on Washington.

The town asked for more representation and now it’s here – welcome to Washington Way.

Washington Way makes every effort to verify and  check all facts, figures and information before publishing. If you spot a mistake in our coverage or would like to make a formal complaint about something published on WashingtonWay.co.uk or in Washington Way magazine, please email editor Zoë Burn (zoe@washingtonway.co.uk).