Image: Angela Burn

New £4.6m F Pit Visitor Centre among proposed council plans

SUNDERLAND City Council has proposed to build a multi-million pound visitor centre at Washington’s F Pit which could begin as soon as next year.

As part of a host of new projects and a potential investment to the area of almost £223m, it is hoped that the the nearly five-million-pound investment into a new Heritage Visitor Centre and improvements to Albany Park could boost both community income and spirit.

The new facility is set to include exhibition, teaching and community spaces as well as a café for the museum and park users.

Along with repairs and improvement works to the existing museum engine house, there could be enhancements to the surrounding Albany Park including new play areas, a car park, trail trimming, a wetland area, wildflower meadows and dedicated events space.

The F Pit improvements add to the ambitious investment programme which now totals nearly half a billion pounds, a pot that is being met with city and external funding.

Leader of Sunderland City Council, Councillor Graeme Miller said: “These plans demonstrate the ambition that we have for our city.

“Our City Plan is not a document that has sat on a shelf since we agreed it – we are using it to drive the investment in our great city, to ensure that we can deliver the promises we have made to our residents, businesses and visitors.”