Northern Area Playing Fields to be fenced off after council gives go-ahead

WASHINGTON’S Northern Area Playing Fields are set to be protected with a 2.34m tall fence after Sunderland City Council approved plans yesterday.

The pitches, home to Washington AFC, have been the target of a number of incidents of vandalism over the past six months and with fundraising underway to help cover the costs of the fencing.

In the planning proposal earlier this year, club chairman Mark Gibbon requested permission for a 2340mm high V-Mesh fence as well as four pedestrian gates and one vehicle gate to be built in order to ‘deter criminal damage from cars’.

The application also stated that only trees currently stand in the way of the road and the pitches, ‘with gaps big enough to get cars through which are causing damage’.

Dog fouling was also stated to be an ongoing issue, along with damage caused by the travelling community which has left a ‘significant mess on a number of occasions’.

New access paths will also be required from the existing, and unaffected, car park to the perimeter fence gates.