Washington Way

Quick Bite: Vinyl Restaurant & Cafe Munchie Box review

SOMETIMES your average sandwich or burger for lunch is just not enough – especially when you’ve had a tough morning delivering Washington Way magazines to homes in the snow.

It was this exact situation we found ourselves in last week as we traipsed through loads of the white stuff  – and lovely as it was feeling fresh snow under our feet, I’m not going to pretend the cold was fun to bear.

So as we padded around the streets of Washington Village, I remembered a recent Facebook post I’d seen from Vinyl Restaurant & Cafe, advertising  munchie boxes as part of its new takeaway menu.

Priced at £13.95 and designed for sharing, this looked the perfect solution to feed two hungry journalists-turned-magazine-deliverers.

We dropped Vinyl a message to see if we still had time to pre-order one for that day and they came straight back with a lovely yes, and we ordered one to pick up an hour or so later.

Knowing a big feed was coming put a spring in our step as we shot off around Valley Forge to work up an appetite for the joy ahead.

Vinyl in Washington Village has become renowned for its quality food…

We collected it from the door and were immediately impressed before we even touched it.

Anyone who’s ever eaten at Vinyl will tell you the quality of food is second to none. It’s always been of high quality bistro standard and things are no different with its takeaway food.

What attracted us to the munchies box – well, along with its sheer size – was the fact you can try several different Vinyl dishes in one go, so it’s ideal if you don’t know what to have or just want to try Vinyl for the first time and get a feel for its menu.

I’m not sure if Vinyl changes its munchies boxes every few weeks (we had seen a version with different dishes a week before) but this same box was also on offer over the following weekend.

It contained a portion of Arrabiatta pasta, chicken goujons, a shin beef wrap, mozzarella bites with chilli jam, cheesy garlic bread, Cajun chilli fries and salad.

It’s no exaggeration to say everything was just incredible. First the pasta. It was absolutely beautiful, fresh and gorgeous and tasted as good as any I’ve ever had in Italy – I’ve never had pasta from Vinyl before but I’ll certainly be ordering that again.

The mozzarella bites were tasty too – certainly not just the cheap ones from the cash and carry a lot of places serve – these were delicious and the chilli jam gave them a nice little lift.

For £13,95 you can’t go wrong with the munchie box – and as you can see, that shin beef wrap is huge!

The goujons were great. They were crisp and hot and far better than you generally expect as part of a takeaway lunch – notably, no dryness which tends to be an issue with some goujons, and the garlic bread offered a lovely crisp nibble in between other bits.

I’ve had the shin beef before from Vinyl and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The wrap was large and could easily be split three ways – by now we were struggling to finish it but it’s so tasty, neither of us were leaving a morsel.

And the fries were great, too. They had a nice little bit of spice to them and were sprinkled with fresh chilli slices – but don’t be put off about them being too hot in flavour, they really aren’t and you can always take the chilli off if you prefer.

All in all, for £13.95 this munchie box is a bit of a bargain for what you get. Two people (who had already walked more than 15,000 steps in the cold that day) struggled to finish it and we were still nibbling on fries a few hours later, so it could easily feed three people.

Takeaways and deliveries are available from noon-8pm Thursday to Saturday and latest offers and details of the munchies boxes are posted each week on Vinyl’s Facebook page, so check it out to see what they’ve got going on and to pre-order.

My advice? Get yourself down to Vinyl and give one of these a try. You really won’t be disappointed!