SHATTERED sledges have been left littering Washington green spaces after being abandoned at the end of a week of snow.

As the white stuff melted away overnight, dozens of smashed sledges have been left lying around at the bottom of popular hillsides by lazy sledgers.

Sledges appear to have been collected together at the bottom of Worm Hill in Fatfield

At Worm Hill in Fatfield, the remains of four smashed sledges were this morning spotted stacked up under a tree at the foot of the hill, almost as if someone has tried to clear the area.

Remains of smashed sledges line the side of the hill in Glebe

But at the hillside area near Washington Boxing Club, off Abbey Road and Parkway between Glebe and Washington Village, the remains of almost a dozen toys were this morning strewn around the park and play areas.

Two more sledges abandoned in the play area at Glebe

Bob Jenkinson of Glebe walks his dogs twice a day in the area and told Washington Way this morning how disappointed he was to see the mess left behind.

Snow has melted, leaving mud and plastic behind

“Nobody minds the kids sledging, it’s part of the fun of enjoying the snow but I’m just appalled now I’ve seen the state it’s in,” he said.

“Apart from the fact it looks absolutely terrible, some of them have been smashed to smithereens and those sharp bits of plastic are going to be quite dangerous if this doesn’t get cleared up soon.”