LAST week a well-needed new addition appeared to Washington’s already huge eating scene – and it could be what a lot of us have been waiting for!

Weeks since the signage first appeared, Hutchy’s Diner has officially opened its doors at its Heworth Road, Concord, home offering a selection of healthy and tasty food during the day.

At a time where we’re overrun with pizza and kebab shops at night and pasties, pies and greasy stuff during the day, something like this was certainly needed in the town.

Hutchy’s Diner is now open at Heworth Road in Concord

Hutchy’s Diner serves a selection of healthy lunches such as rice boxes, salad or pasta boxes and jacket potatoes, along with sandwiches and hot food like all day breakfasts, burgers and chip butties.

Washington Way popped by just three days after it opened to try something from the healthier side, opting for a jacket potato with cheese savoury and side salad priced at £4.95.

The staff quickly advised that it would be cooked to order so there would be a few minute wait which was fine by me and it really wasn’t that long.

 I was getting it as a takeaway, but there are several tables set up in the shop for those wishing to dine in, so I had somewhere to sit while I waited.

The potato may not have been massive but the amount of filling more than made up for this

The staff were lovely, they were keen to chat while preparing the food and were friendly, warm and welcoming.

Armed with my spud I headed home and dived in. I thought it was fantastic value and very tasty.

The potato could have perhaps been a little bit bigger, but as someone who generally wants more filling than potato, it suited me down to the ground. The sheer amount of filling was incredible.

Not only was there plenty of it, it tasted great too. Cheese savoury can be a tricky one to get right but this was a good one. It was creamy, there was plenty cheese balanced with a small amount of grated carrot and it wasn’t overpowered by too much onion.

I was also quite impressed with the side salad. There was none of that limp, cheap and pale lettuce – this was fresh, crisp and green and you could just tell it’s been prepared with some love.

The salad also included sliced celery, grated carrot, sweetcorn, cucumber, tomato and red onion and it was the perfect balance for the potato.

It’s fair to say I was very impressed with Hutchy’s Diner and will definitely be dropping in regularly from now on – I may even try some of the other dishes but at the moment I’m just looking forward to another jacket potato!

Hutchy’s Diner is open Monday to Saturday from 9am-3pm – for more information click here to visit the Facebook page

*Exterior image: Hutchy’s Diner

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